What makes Sandals so special?

They’re right, you know.

Sandals® resorts really do live up to the hype.

Imagine yourself surrounded by turquoise Caribbean water, white sand, bright green tropical leaves, and exotic birdsongs.

Craving a vacation yet? Or do you find traveling to the Caribbean islands a bit intimidating?

I don’t blame you. One of the unfortunate facts of going on vacation is that it’s really, really hard to stick to a budget. I don’t care if you’re making five figures or six figures or beyond.

Nobody likes to spend hundreds of dollars more than they had planned. It’s really easy to do that when you’re staying in a popular tourist destination! Meals, transportation, last minute “oh, I’ve never tried THAT before” activities…

They all add up quickly.

You have to plan everything very meticulously to avoid an unexpected bill, and that’s not what a vacation is all about!

Once you arrive at your destination, a good vacation should be spur-of-the-moment, spontaneous, impulsive fun.

For me, the worst thing about a vacation is worrying about sticking to a budget while seeing all the amazing things there are to do and see (and taste!).

That’s why my favorite places to visit are the world-famous Sandals Resorts! There are fifteen of these all-inclusive resorts scattered around some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, and if you stay at any one of them you know exactly what you’ll be paying up front.

Of course, all-inclusive isn’t worth much if the “all” doesn’t include much. There are plenty of all-inclusive resorts out there, but most of them just give you the bare minimum, trying to tack on extra things like entertainment, drinks, etc.

You get fed, you get a place to sleep, and you get the choice of a few activities. It’s kind of like visiting your grown siblings (if your siblings have a nice house near the beach).

Why Sandals is different?

Sandals resorts, on the other hand, call themselves “luxury included” which means that they take pride in giving you a wide range of options for your vacation.

Do you want to go waterskiing, or just lie on the beach and stuff yourself on gourmet food? Maybe you want to play a few rounds of golf tomorrow, but when you wake up you’ve changed your mind and you’d like to go snorkeling. When you stay at Sandals, you’re given the flexibility to toss the schedule out the window. If you’re like me, you get your fill of schedules in your day to day life!

Another great thing about Sandals Resorts is that their reputation is strong enough that you don’t just have to take my word for it. They have received a long list of awards and recommendations from publications and websites such Tripadvisor, Condé Nast, Brides Magazine, the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, as well as being named the world’s leading all-inclusive company for twenty-one years running by the prestigious World Travel Awards.

It’s important to remember that Sandals Resorts pride themselves on maintaining a degree of romantic elegance at their locations. These resorts are for couples only, with no children or pets allowed. There is even a dress code at the on-site restaurants, so make sure you scan it before committing a faux pas! (After all, their name is “Sandals,” not “Flip-Flops.”) If you’re looking for a family-themed vacation, the Sandals company also runs a chain of “Beaches” resorts for all ages.


With Sandals, you don’t even have to think about how much to tip. They won’t let you, because it’s already included! Everything is included!

You can find out more about Sandals Resorts by visiting their website, http://www.sandals.com/contact/faq/ or by giving us a call! As a Sandals-affiliated Travel Agency, we would be thrilled to help you plan your stress-free vacation to one of these world class resorts.

Contact Travel Time AZ to discuss your options and any upcoming plans!

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