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All about Virtuoso

Recently we had an exciting event that I’d like to tell you about! We were meeting with Virtuoso suppliers.

Why is that so exciting, you ask? Well, we’ll talk a little bit more about how the event went later. For now, I’d like to fill you all in on Virtuoso.

Virtuoso sets a clear divide in the travel industry.

When it comes to the best of the best, there are Virtuoso travel agents and agencies and then there’s everyone else.

Virtuoso is a world-class travel organization that has received recommendations from the pages of media giants such as Forbes, CNN, and The New York Times, as well as from many different travel blogs and magazines.

Virtuoso’s philosophy on travel is that it is “an experience that enriches your life, not a commodity to be bought at the lowest price,” and their way of doing business reflects that.

An American travel company with over sixty years in the industry, Virtuoso has links throughout the luxury travel world. They have almost 400 travel agencies and over 11,000 travel agents in their network which spans 34 countries, all of which must adhere to Virtuoso’s high standards.

Besides that, they are linked to many other luxury travel providers such as hotels, airlines, cruise lines, tours, spas, and car rentals. All these connections mean amazing perks for clients who rely on Virtuoso partners.

Virtuoso is focused on the experience of the travelers.

Virtuoso partners specialize in creating customized vacation experiences for travelers. Many perks and experiences are exclusive to Virtuoso partners, whether as a free add-on or a paid option. If you want a very specific type of vacation, some of Virtuoso’s vacation experts can help you find an exhilarating extreme sports adventure, a mind-broadening cultural trek, or a satisfying culinary tour.

At you can search through a travel advisor catalogue. It’s to your advantage to book travel through a trusted Virtuoso agent, and that’s one reason why we pride ourselves on being a Virtuoso travel agency at Travel Time AZ.

Have you ever heard the names Ritz-Carlton, Royal Caribbean, Abercrombie and Kent, Four Seasons, or Viking Cruises?

All of these organizations and many more are Virtuoso partners, with around 900 locations in over 80 countries. Even the suborbital spaceflights on Virgin Galactic are exclusive to Virtuoso.

Talk about a high-flying travel company!

The name “Virtuoso” represents a benefit for you, the traveler.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “it’s 2017, why do I need a travel agency with all the easy apps and internet sites out there for travel booking and research?”

First of all, you should have a look at our article about why you should book your travel with a travel agent.

Second, apart from their wealth of experience, Virtuoso has plenty of influence in the industry that they can exert on your behalf. They have strong relationships within the industry (the network of Virtuoso agencies together book around 15 billion dollars in travel in a single year) and they can advocate on your behalf to ensure you’re well taken care of.

Virtuoso’s partners are under obligation to give you special benefits such as free upgrades, free food, or free gifts.

These bonuses could cost 250 dollars per night on average, so even if you don’t get the best deal up front – which you often do with Virtuoso – you are still saving plenty of money on a real VIP experience.

Finally, having a travel agent – whether with Virtuoso or another agency – gives you more peace of mind as you book your vacation. They are experts who can help with the many details of travel, and they can offer help in case unexpected circumstances arise.

Contact us to take advantage of the Virtuoso network experience.

Virtuoso itself doesn’t offer the option to make bookings online, instead preferring that the client is personally in touch with a travel advisor. The relationship between client and Virtuoso travel agent is as important as the relationships between the Virtuoso network and the many suppliers in the industry.

It isn’t a company that caters to budget travelers, but if you want an unforgettable experience with plenty of special perks and treatment, Virtuoso is the clear leader in the industry.

If you have any more questions about Virtuoso and their partners, you can contact us today.

You can also keep an eye out for our next blog posts if you’re interested in knowing more!

Happy travels!


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